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What is the Amber Burn?

Imagine an empty space where everyone is invited to shape this space with their imagination and initiative. A living organism of co-creation. Bring whatever you are, If you are more than one – organize a Theme camp and give it a name, Express yourself – the most radical part of self, Rely on yourself, and take care of others. Give yourself away, and don’t expect anything in exchange. Amber Burn is an autonomous, unsponsored, non-commercial gathering, co-created by the attending participants who are guided by the principles of Burning Man. The gathering is celebrated on private property, yet open to all who learn about the event and are part of it by making it happen and volunteering. If you found out about it – you’re invited!

Why is it burning?

Because it feels good to burn stuff.

It feels good to build something significant and then set it free with no attachment.

Feel free to bring whatever you want to let go,

whatever it is;

a thought, a symbol or a habit;

Give it a shape and feed it to flames!

Is there a participation fee?

Every participant, including organizers, volunteers, performers, and artists are contributing to cover the costs of the event by buying a ticket. Every cent of it is used to build conscious, zero-waste infrastructure, cover the organizational costs and support art! However, any use of money during the event is prohibited. It’s a gifting economy, try it, you’ll come out richer.

What is a gifting economy?

Figure out what you love to give and give as much as you can.
Give for the love of giving.
There is no vending on the site. If you go to the bar, the barman is gonna gift you a drink. Bring your gifts as well, whatever you are – bring more of yourself and give it away. When everyone does it – it’s a miraculous experience of itself.

What do I need to bring?

It is an outdoor camping event with no vending on site. You have to bring enough water and food for the three days for the experience to be most pleasant! As we talk about gifting, be sure to bring enough for yourself and your friends. Sharing is caring! The extensive survival guide is coming soon!

When will we burn?

The gathering is planned on July 8-11, 2021. However, we are following the restrictions and situation due to pandemics so the dates might change.

Where is it happening?

Amber Burn is happening in Lithuania, but exact location is secret and will be kept secret until the last moment – only registered participants will get the information.

Why do I need to apply for entry?

Amber Burn is an interactive and participatory event. Filling out the entry form is the first step of getting involved and showing the interest in participating. You will receive follow up email with ticket sales and other important information. There is going to be a limited amount of tickets and sales have a fixed deadline. Unfortunately, after the sale is closed there won’t be any sales on the gates and only the participants will be allowed to enter.

I have an idea for a fire sculpture, art installation, workshop, etc, is it ok for me to do this?

That’s great. The burn is a canvas for you to come and express yourself. Artwork and Theme camp registration dates TBA!

This is my first burn and I have no idea as to what to do for the event, how can I help?

Don’t worry, we got you! Once you register you will receive additional information of how you can participate during event and before it. It’s a great way to get involved and meet everyone. If it is your first burn, integrate and take it easy, get familiar, get awed and inspired, and consider volunteering one or two shifts.

“If you need help let me know”

Yes, help is needed. However, keep in mind that like any burn, the Amber Burn is created by its participants. Your contribution can be anything whether it is time, resources, art, energy or some of each, but the best gift is initiative. If you see that something needs to be done, go ahead and do it. If you think of something that will improve the gathering, take it upon yourself, be awesome and do it!